Halion 6 wavetable synthesis

Did anyone have a chance to look at this more deeply? I’m wondering to what degree this is comparable with Serum.

Short of finding a way to Demo H6, the next best thing I can think of would be to have a peek at the Halion 6 Documentation to get an idea of how it works and what it can do.

The online version of the Manual can be browsed here:

If you’d prefer downloading an offline PDF version try here:

If you’d also like to take a peek at the developer’s documentation (for making optional custom Macro Pages and Scripts, mainly of interest if you want to create special user interfaces for Sonic and SE users), these can be found here:

If you want to Demo it yourself, you can apply for a temporary key here:

If you already have some version of Halion installed (Other than SE 2), Do read the Update and ReadMe files before installing the Trial, as you’ll need to uninstall previous versions of Halion first (just the engine and plugins, you can leave the content packs and all your user presets undisturbed). Removing Halion 6 and its new libraries while leaving all your old content packs alone is pretty simple if you decide to roll back to your earlier Halion version instead of buying the upgrade at the end of the trial. H6 should be compatible with the majority (if not all) of your old Halion content packs, projects, and Halion presets from older versions. For most users who decide to buy an H6 key, there will never be a need to run the older Halion engines again unless they intend to run Halion on 32bit only hosts, since H6 will not run in 32bit hosts.

Check out this tutorial I made for the wavetable synth in H6, that should give you an idea. It’s not really comparable to Serum as the WT editor and the re-synthesis functions in H6 are more advanced and take a different approach, but H6 lacks phase distortion modes which Serum has plenty of.

And all my H6 wavetable experiments in this playlist: