HALion 6 without hardware dongle? transfer?

Hi all,

I bought HALion 4 and upgraded to 5 and then 6. Now unfortunatelly I don’t have the time to spend with HALion anymore so I’m thinking of selling it to someone who can enjoy it instead.

However, it seems like new buyers of HALion 6 are not required to buy a hardware dongle, and it seems it’s much harder to sell the dongle version since a lot of people don’t like the hardware dongle. I still have other licenses on my own dongle, which would require me to buy another empty dongle before selling (if anyone wants the “dongle” version).

How can I unregister the “dongle” version and transfer the license to the software version of eLicenser instead?

No one knows??

It is currently not possible to transfer a license from USB to Soft.