Halion 6 wont load the full template of FlexPhraser into my macro page

Hi Chicks and chaps
It seems that half the flexPhraser is missing from the template when I drag it to the page I can see it in all its glory but soon as I release it, half of it disappears I’ve tried it with all the FlexPhrasers available and the same thing happens and you cant assign the parameters either, the same happens with the steps template too is it me or is it Halion as I’m going loopy trying to figure it out… Cheers!
Halion FlexPhraser.PNG|689x252

This is because some functions are only available if you change to the “User” Mode. You have to set the “Scope” in the “Template Parameter” to the Layer and the Flex Phraser. Then Click on “User” and it should work.

Born_001 Not all heroes wear capes my good man and you have just proven that it is possible. It seems to be working, also I did the same with the Step Sequencer, and guess what yeah it worked only it was missing the blue transposer lines I can still transposer the notes but it really needs the full shebang so if there are any more tips and tricks you would like to share on this then I would be very grateful for your interlect. Cheers

Thank you, you’re welcome. I also sitting here and work on the Flexphraser and Step Sequencer and first there are also the blue lines missing, but know they are there and I don’t know how I do this. Maybe it’s why I change the program and switch back. Maybe I played around…

Lol yeah, there seems to be a lot of trial and error with this program but having said that I am a newbie and I guess this is the same for most people coming into it. I will persevere and continue onwards and upwards still asking questions etc to try to Master it.

I also trial and error a lot in the beginning. I start nearly 6 month ago and sometimes the things will not work the way that I like. If you know what is possible, you will try new things and the questions getting bigger and bigger, also the problems. But it’s getting better.

I’ll be honest I was going to go down the Kontakt root and as I get better at HALion I probably will at some point the reason I chose HALion is because of its vast possibilities, they are truly endless and also I’ve always been with Steinberg as far as Cubase is concerned in fact it was a toss-up as to whether I was going to upgrade to 11 from 10.5 or get HALion and the latter won lol… Just a quick question I don’t know if you know or not but is it possible to change the colours of the knobs sliders etc that come with HALion in the resource folder and if so where are they located for editing. Cheers

The only thing you can change is the “Alpha”, that is the transparency of the Knob. The only colour you can change is the Font colour on the Ressource Page. There you can also load other Fonts or Bitmaps. You can create your own Knobs for example with Photoshop or After Effects if you own this. But there is also a programm called “Knobman”. It’s for free and you can build your own Knobs quick and easy and export the Knobs in the right format to use it.

I have seen Knobman its really good…just a duh question when creating knobs in Knobman and bringing them into Halion for use in your GUI is it easy to assign functions to the knobs Ie drag and drop functions as usual basically as if you were assigning them to a pre-made knob that comes with Halion…