Halion 6 won't show up from Cubase 8


I know this is really basic.

I have Halion 6 and Cubase 8 installed. But I can’t see Halion 6 from Cubase, only Halion SE.

I’ve tried adding up multiple paths to the VST2 plug-in manager, including

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Halion 6\VST3

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VestPlugins\Halion 6

D:\Steinberg VST archive (an artificial folder I created to save all the big files on the mechanical hard drive)

Still, no VST device can be detected.

Would you please tell me what else to do to have Halion 6 show up?

Thank you very much.


Problem partly solved. I upgraded to Cubase 9.55 Element. Now without further setup, Halion 6 showed up.

The reason I was reluntant to upgrade is that any version above 9 is not compatible with 32 bit VSTs.

It seem to me that 9.55 Element is still flawed. I have quite powerful computer with Intel I9 processor, a 64G RAM, SSD, etc. that shouldn’t run out of computing power. Still, I quite often get very slow response from commands that were input by the beykoard.

The keyboard issue seemed to be a fluke. It’s caused by low keyboard battery…