HALion 7.0.20 and HALion Sonic 7.0.20 Maintenance Updates available

Dear all,

we are happy to announce the immediate availability of HALion 7.0.20 and HALion Sonic 7.0.20 in Steinberg Download Assistant.

Besides fixing an issue in HALion 7 where using “Export All Programs” from the Slot Rack exported layer presets instead of program presets, this update mainly focusses on stability.

For a detailed list of all improvements and issue resolutions, please refer to the version history in the HALion (Sonic) 7 Folder in Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Hi Florian Haack,
when I downloaded the new version 7.0.20 of Halion-Sonic 7 couldn´t start the program cause “my licenes weren´t found”. What could I do ?? although runs my e-licenser controlcenter no more?? Any idea??

just started the older version 7.0.10 - this is runing normal with all my licenses???

Mediabay previews for Halion Sonic 7 don’t work in Cubase 12

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Hi folks, sorry offtop a bit - do any info when will be sale for H7 (incl for upgrades) ?
It seems were no any sales for Halion since h7 release.
BF at least ? c’mon. ready grab for sale price right now lol.

The Halion 7 Sale - Virtual instruments / HALion - Steinberg Forums

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Although it is not mentioned in the release notes, the GUI hick-ups in Sonoma (AU in Logic) seem to be fixed. Thanks Steinberg :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update .
but at the FM Lab , operator pan pot setting can not change by using mouse in macos sonoma …

Is this only my issue ?

Another issue I found is under AU plugin mode .
When I select Program / Layer “SAVE AS” menu , “Attribute Value” lists is hidden to background and can’t select from the lists .
But stand alone mode works fine .

comprei o Halion 7 na epoca da versap 7.0.1, agora com 7.02 não encontra a biblioteca