HALion 7 and Iconica sketch - dummy place holder slots in Halion

Hi there. I’m trying to make my own orchestration of a Gladiator set of midi files I found on VI Control. Around 115 Midi tracks. So have set up two instances of Halion 7 full and have been assigning Iconica instruments. So far so good but sometimes I need to make dummy slots in Halion when i assign recognisable track names further down the list of midi tracks. Halion has some init presets which I assume can be used as place holders. Or i suppose i could use default GM piano patches and mute them for tracks i still need to solve instrument wise. Be interested to hear how other people handle such large midi scores. I’m actually on Nuendo 13 on Windows 11 but the Cubase forum seems more relevant for this kind of query.

How would one perhaps make a non-sounding init patch for Iconica - seems a tidier solution than muted GM patches as placeholders?

Sorry if I have the wrong end of the stick on this one :grinning: Eventually I want to rework the whole thing in HOOPUS but best to attempt it more simply first.

Thanks for any help…


We use the final instrument and we disable the track (to save the resource).

If this is what you are asking…?