HALion 7 available now!

Dear all,

we are happy to announce that HALion 7 is finally officially available. It comes now with a complete new FM zone with SYX file import, the new Spectral zone with our newly in-house developed time stretch and resynthesis algorithm, a reimagined modulation concept, the new Shaper Envelope, our new synthesizer FM Lab with eight operators featuring algorithms from the classic Yamaha DX7, FM-X and TX81Z, a beautiful Guitar called Tales where the guitar strings were individually sampled as open notes and then tuned to a different pitch, improved wavetable synthesis, redesigned MediaBay and so much more. Feel free to checkout all the details on our new features website

Or have a look at all the videos

The trial will also be available soon on February 21, 2023.

Other updates to the HALion family include HALion Sonic 7, which is now the free player for HALion libraries and replaces HALion Sonic SE. The new HALion Sonic 7 Collection comprises the HALion Sonic 7 player, all instruments from HALion Sonic 3, plus the brand-new FM Lab and Tales instruments. With Absolute 6, customers receive all the instruments and expansions known from the previous version of Absolute plus new HALion 7.

Grace Period:

Customers who have activated HALion 6 or Absolute 5 since November 1, 2022, are eligible for a free, update to HALion 7 / Absolute 6. Go to your MySteinberg account. Go to “Vouchers”. If you don’t see a voucher, please make sure that the eLicenser containing the license is registered in MySteinberg. After registration, it can take up to 24 hours until the free update is available.


It might be useful for HALion 6 users to know that there is a update procedure (in the PDF “Read Me First HALion 7” which can spare you having to download about 30GB of content.

Ironically you need to download the PDF and read it first to know this :slight_smile:



I’ve successfully installed and activated HALion 7 and HALion Sonic 7.
Now, when can I expect HALion Symphonic Orchestra to run dongless (my last one needing the dongle :slightly_frowning_face:)?

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I have paid the upgrade from Halion 6 ( 83,33 euros ) but I had a voucher to get Halion 7 for free because I had bought Halion 6 in the end of November 2022.

Is it possible to keep my actual Halion 7 license , remove the voucher and get a refund of my paid order ?

Thank you,


If you purchased the upgrade by mistake, please contact Steinberg Shop Support for a refund:

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Please someone tell me I am wrong, surely they have not released this without a resizable gui for the standalone and the vst?
I can resize the main holder windows but the vst synth interface within remains original tiny (for this day and age) size


Very pleased with the interface changes, the lack of scaling does suck - however, i’ve only used it on my macbook which is fine - Worried about how it’ll be on my 4k desktop monitor though… argh!

The. new library views are very nice and I think the array of options and start page really helps neaten up the experience. Crazy to say, but HALion 7 feels more lightweight than HALion Sonic did when you have it in the minimal views.

Update process went smooth too, no complaints here - very happy and a chance to revisit some old favourites as i put HALion on the back-burner since C12.

Oh FM sounds superb. Not sure I can wrap my head around FM sound design though, but luckily there’s about 900 presets (If you set to ‘all’) to keep me busy - including lots of originals from the TX etc.

So far, very much a winner for me… And finally… Dongle free, Apple Silicon compatible!! YAY!

SB Should’ve put more fanfare out for it’s release though, throw some teasers out… I think without the dongle it’s got to be more appealing for users of all DAWs.

Thanks for FM engine, very cool (was my main request since long time). :+1:
Additional spectral stuff appreciated too

Thank you. My Cubase update experience was terrible, I hope with this info my Halion update experience will be smooth. H7 looks exciting.

I own Halion 6 via Absolute 4 , How do I upgrade to Halion 7 ?

Bloody hell . i have absolutely nothing to complain about . Bought , installed and Halion 7 automatically found my content drive . Zero issues .
This looks pretty grooooovey .

Nice one Steinberg

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If you have Absolute, it’s not possible to upgrade Halion by itself. You have to upgrade to Absolute 6. You can see what has been added since Absolute 4 here:


what if you dont want whats offered in the absolute package, there should be another option to upgrade

There is not. Absolute is a package, not a bundle of licences for the individual products - you either upgrade all of it or you stick with what you already have. Steinberg has always treated Absolute this way.

For those who had previously upgraded to Absolute 5, the price for Absolute 5 to 6 is the same as HALion 6 to 7, at least in the UK. That is not surprising, as there is no additional content in Absolute 6 that is not already included in HALion 7. As an Absolute 4 user, you will also get the new content that was in Absolute 5 if you pay to upgrade - Backbone, Amped Elektra, Electric Bass, Sounds of Soul and Future Past Perfect.

If I upgrade from Halion 6, is there an option to use Halion 6 and 7 in parallel, or does 7 replace 6?

7 replaces 6

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Ok, could someone please take a moment to explain what I am supposed to be doing here? I have halion sonic 3 license on my usb dongle, I have downloaded and installed halion sonic 7 which seems to have replaced my version 3, I can open it ok and run the vst but when I try to use any content from for example the FM module license manager comes up and says not licensed for this product, in activation manager it is saying under all products " no licenses found" I really would appreciate some help getting this in place properly? what am I missing please

Have you logged in to activation manager then? Your licenses should be displaying in there.

Are you running it standalone or in a DAW? Just asking as if using in Cubase, you must have at least one license active and showing(?).

I’m not 100% sure if you need full HALion 7 or HALion 7 Sonic Collection to get the included FM content. As the standard Sonic version is the replacement for SE I think. So be sure to check which product you have, and which you have installed.

Basically, we’ve now got:
Low tier- HALion Sonic 7 (Equivalent of Sonic 3 SE)
Mid tier - HALion Sonic 7 Collection (Equivalent of Sonic 3)
Top Tier - HALion 7 (Equivalent of HALion 6)

FM is only on mid/top tier products.