Halion 7 ‘browse’ capabilities

Would like the cubase media bay capabilities in Halion 7.

In cubase I have all my samples personally tagged using the ‘various’ option. This is amazing for working in cubase.

Please implement the ability to create personalised tags in Halion 7 - my use case is for adding my own samples from my hard drive, using the ‘browse’ window in Hal.


Media Bay is built into HALion already. Tagging is possible.

Thanks but that isn’t what I mean… in cubase you can create your own tags using the ‘various’ option… its a hidden feature but very useful.

It would be great to include this in Halion so i could use halion standalone but have my samples tagged how i like.

Below is my mediabay in Cubase; I love personalising it to how i think

happy to go through the rather cryptic steps you have to go through if it’s of any interest to you or anyone else… think its actually been documented on this forum but not sure of where