Halion 7 combi help


Im loving the drum/Perc sounds in Halion. (COMBI’s)

I find it easy to just press a key on my keyboard and it plays a really cool loop ontop of my song in cubase. BALAFON BOX 112 and TURKISH MEY MW for example

Pop/ Pop rock loops. Not dance etc…

But these are limited in halion. Any other plug ins that do the same. Free if poss as ive spent a fortune on HAlion!



( i could make my own but im not that clever…)

Balfon just stacks three layers together.
One is World Instruments
The other is B-Box
The third is Auron (arp is built with a flex phraser).

If you want to pull in your own samples, Take a closer look at B-Box.

It’s also possible to pull in complete audio loops (like the stuff that comes with Cubase Pro), and make it so HALion triggers them on demand.

Study up on the flexpharser module, as that’ll allow you to build arps for any zones in the same parent layer (and subsequent children layers). So effectively, you can turn any HALion instrument into a b-box.