Halion 7 creating a library

Finally, Halion 7 is out!
My understanding is that now we can create the presets directly in Halion 7 as long as we activate the “As HS Layer” option on the export dialogue page.
Is that correct? Has anyone already tried?

I think the procedure is pretty much the same as before.

Export Program as VST3 Preset… Activate the As HS Layer option. Load the layer preset in HALion Sonic and save or export as Program. Use this HALion Sonic program preset to create the library.

You can also use the HS Layer preset in your library but it will be a layer preset, not a program.

I just look quickly in the new manual and it looks like you don’t have to save the presets inside Sonic but you can do it in H7, at least this is what I understood reading this page.
If I remember in H6 manual on this page clearly stated that you had to create the presets in Sonic but here It says only to activate the “As HS Layer” option…

Yes, the manual is not very clear. It says export as layer… then save a preset and set up the tags. It doesn’t state if you need to save in HALion Sonic or you can do it in HALion 7.

From my quick experiment I found that I can use the exported layer to create the library but it will be a layer preset. If I just save in HALion 7 it doesn’t let me add the preset to the library. So it looks like you need to load the layer preset at least once in HALion Sonic and save it as a program. Afterwards you can further edit the program in HALion 7 assuming you have the HS Edit Mode turned on.