HALion 7 Envelope Shaper vs Loop?

Can someone please explain what the difference is? I feel like I can achieve the exact same effect with both. I may just not understand a good use case.

I also think I misunderstood the advertising.

“the new Shaper mode for envelopes allows you to cycle through shapes in synchronization with your host DAW’s tempo”

I assumed this would mean you can cycle through different envelope shapes. Am I wrong? Is there a way to do this or is it just a glorified fancy loop?

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Looks like there is a misunderstanding with the wording. The shape curve stays static.
The shaper mode will cycle over the entire curve.
The loop mode only over a portion of the curve and only while the note is held. Attack and release can be different. See the green area below.

That way you can have a sound ring out once you release the key, for example.
We hype the shaper mode especially, because we have put a lot of work in a new curve tool set. Without it, the shaper mode would only be half as fun. Also it is called shaper mode, as there are a lot of effect plugins out there with similar behaviour, called shapers.
Hope this answers your questions.