HALion 7 FlexPhaser Drag MIDI Phrase

Is there an issue with HA7 in the FlexPhaser dragging the midi phrase to host sequencer? It does not seem to work for me at all. Tried it in Cubase 12 and Logic Pro. Cheers.

Drag Midi Phrase to Host Sequencer…

This has never been possible since HALion 4, I don’t remember if FlexPhraser existed with previous versions.

I never understood why this icon is still there.

The HALion developers never tried it otherwise they would have realized that it has always been dysfunctional.

This has been pointed out many times, but what do you expect, even the walls don’t seem to have ears…

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Thanks. I wish Steinberg would dedicate the resources to developing HALion. Some days I just want to switch to Falcon.

I think you have to click the Rec button next to the drag icon first, and record something.


That worked. Thank you. I can now drag the MIDI data from a factory Flex pattern into my DAW.

You’re welcome. If you mark it as the solution I will get some kudos around here!

THANKS! @Googly_Smythe,

I must admit that I read the manual incorrectly. However, the operation is still rather strange. It would have been so much simpler to have exactly the same behavior as Groove Agent where you simply click a Pattern Pad and drag it into a MIDI track and that’s it. Here, we must click the Record button to be able to insert the MIDI event into a track.

It seems to me that for exactly the same type of function, there should be a certain consistency from one plugin to another. Don’t you think?

BUT, a friend told me this: Why do things simply when you can make it complicated? Here’s a great example here…

Unfortunately there is a huge difference between a static MIDI pattern on a Pattern Pad and an interactive phrase of the FlexPhraser, where the output heavily relies on the key or chord progression.


I have to admit that you are absolutely right. I took the time to read through the manual: Recording the MIDI Output of the FlexPhraser.

Indeed, the behavior and possibilities offered by this operating mode regarding sequences have nothing to do with the way a GA Pattern Pad works.

So, I withdraw the unnecessary words I said and thank you for providing this clarification.