Halion 7 fm zone only linear envelopes?

Hello really has FM zone only linear envelopes? Steinberg show everything with the super cool user envelope and I just discovered that you have only one for synthesizer . Is it possible to have a refund? I feel like I wasted 250 euros in obsolete software (I really like a lot of functions but the fm synthesizer is obsolete and that the main point for me together with the spectral vco). I hope to be wrong and that the function is there but I can’t see it!

They’re not linear, even if their representation is.
These are envelopes coming from the hardware Yamaha synths (as FM zone is a port of Yamaha code). They make a lot of sense for those used to Yamaha hardware synths.
They’re also very adequate for the job, but I agree in the software world there should be an option for software-like envs as well.

There’s a demo available, you should’ve checked before spending those 250 euros

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I tried the demo with the other models when it was released, on the fm page there is a picture of a curved envelope… The refund right is a right of the customer in Europe. So I’m waiting for a refund.

" Multistage envelopes

The pitch, filter and amp envelopes of FM Lab are completely customizable."

this is false: the general amp envelope only. the envelopes on the amps of the operators are not customizable.

fm8 is the future at this point ahah

And that’s what they meant

The Pitch, Filter and Amp envs are customizable. They don’t say anything about the OPs.

Good luck with your refund.

I know that is not clear, it is written wrong. And there is a misleading picture of the multi stage Envelopes.
Thank you.

this is not true and I want a fast refund.

It’s absolutely true and if you want a fast refund you should spend your time dealing with that instead of posting nonsense on webforums.
You wouldn’t be in this situation if you would have properly spent no more than one hour with the trial.

I repeat, I didn’t try the trial and to me it seems that you have time to lose, do you work for Steinberg? I’m asking if there is a refund. I’m not interested in your opinion if you are not :slight_smile:

the only nonsense is your answers and your presence here if you don’t work for Steinberg.

But I’m sure I will not have any problem, any serious company offer a refund time for their software. I’m sure that this works for Steinberg too.

Just to be clear the software has a lots of interesting things that I like, really a lot, but this limitation in 2023 for me is incredible

FM Lab and the FM Zone in Halion are two different programs, but both use linear envelopes for the oscillators.
In FM Zone, you can use a pencil or brush to modify the pitch, amp, filter, and user envelopes.
In FM Lab, you can use those tools on the pitch, filter, and amp envelopes, but the user envelope has 7 sliders that you can set and modify with velocity.
FM8 has user customizable envelopes for the oscillators and is very inexpensive.
Here in the US software is normally not refundable.

They are as well available within Halion 7, their are 4 Envelopes Amp, Pitch, Filter and User that are MultiStage and can freely be assigned to FM Parameters as well using the Mod-Matrix or the + Button below those envelopes.