Halion 7 library desappeared after update to Hallion 7.0.20 and Cubase 13pro

Hi guy,
I am a new comer in cubase and in this community.

I was using Cubase 12 pro, which comes with Halion Sonic 3, and I had bought Halion 7 also that was working good with all library.

But after update to halion 7.0.20 vsti and cubase 13pro that comes with halion sonic 7, the Halion 7.0.20 vsti full library dessapeared it is showing the same library with halion sonic 7

could you guyes help me please?

Here are some additional pictures

Addictional picture

Hi, the first step is running Steinberg library manager. This will show all installed instruments, sound sets and midi packs from Steinberg.

I have re installed Absolute 6 … i’ve got the same problem after downloading last Halion 7 version… help !!