Halion 7 - Matrix Destination (Wavetable 1/2 Level) Wrong Sound Response

I previously reported the bug-ID “HALLY-8194”: (applying “the Level of a specific oscillator” as a matrix destination, the response was a smothed, pulsating sound that did not reflect the real source shape).
With the update to Halion 7, I noticed that the problem has been partially resolved from Halion 6. This makes me partially happy, because I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. However, I noticed that this problem was only fixed on the Synth Zone, but unfortunately it remained on the Wavetable Zone. I hope for a fix soon!

Halion 7 is really a bomb, thank you!

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Thanks for the info. Looks like we have to adjust the partials (pun intended, I will show myself out :sweat_smile:)
Could you open a report in Jira referencing the solved bug?

:grin: Hi Philippe, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I can’t report in Jira, I am not part of a team.

(Sorry for my partial help… :man_facepalming::rofl:)

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Ah, sorry. I was assuming you had access because you referred to the existing bug. I will create the bug then. Thanks again for reporting.

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