HALion 7 Scripts not exporting with library

I’m attempting to export a library in HALion 7. I have experience doing so in 6.
The library I’m attempting to export is structured the same as all the libraries I’ve exported in 6. All libraries exported in 6 had no issues with accessing the scripts exported with the library. I could bring up a preset in HALion or in HALion Sonic SE with no issues and on completely different computers.
However, when I export this library in 7, if I register the library on another computer I get script errors. But if I register that library on the machine that I exported the library on I don’t get script errors. Seems to me that the scripts aren’t being exported with the library.
Has anyone else ran into this or have any suggestions?


I just tried and it seems to add scripts. I don’t have a second computer to test but if you want you can try my test library.
H7 Script Test.zip (26.1 KB)

Do you use require in your scripts? Those might not be added automatically. You can check the library log files to see what lua files have been added.

When in doubt you can create a script folder in Library Creator and drag all the scripts in there.

Thanks for your response.

When exporting the library I am placing the scripts within a script folder of the library creator. I should also mention that I have the scripts protected.

Forgive my ignorance, but I am not aware of “require” in the scripts. I didn’t add that in my scripts before so this is new to me. Can you point me to a resource that explains that for me? I just checked the HALion Script resource but didn’t find it.

I tested your test file out and I don’t receive any script errors. This does seems puzzling to me as I used to be able to export in the past with no issues and the library I’m currently trying to export has the same structure as the exports that were successful.


Do the script errors give any hint? You could try to export unprotected version to see what’s going on.

Yeah, I’ve tried exporting as both protected and unprotected resulting in no difference.
I’ll take a look tomorrow to see if I can get any more info on the script errors but in HALion Sonic 7, all it shows is that each script module had an error and that I can reset them.


Yes, that’s right. You need to check in full Halion to see the error message. Also check the ui scripts if you are using any.