Halion 7 sliders don't move/freeze using mouse

When using Halion 7 full version in C13 there is a massive glitch when trying to adjust a slider >

This auto jumps to -36 no matter what
Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 5.08.55 pm This will glitch and move no more that 1-5 up before freezing (opening and closing vst will let it work for a couple of seconds normally before freezing again
Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 5.09.40 pm This does not function at all. Clicking on with will give a visual glitch with no response

All three options to move sliders freeze or glitch after a few seconds. Restart and preferences trash does nothing*

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Bump anyone? Super frustrating. It would just be nice to know I’m not the only one affected lol

Same issue. Sometimes I can modify sliders only once and then they freeze. Really frustrating

Would be great if someone could make a support ticket as I can’t in Australia :frowning:

It also makes automating via WRITE neigh Impossible. Such a shame. Quite literally the only thing that get’s in my way.

Same problem here.
Halion 7, Mac Sonoma (and earlier versions of Mac OS

Thanks for confirming. Hopefully the more people that report this the more likely it will get seen. Cause at the moment it basically makes trying to write automation by dragging sliders nigh impossible :frowning:

Same here. When the sliders freeze generally all I have to do is switch to another halion tab and back and it’ll work again……for a second before it freezes again and I repeat the process over and over again lol