Halion 7 sometimes crashes!

Hello, just bought Halion 7 upgrade, fantastic product, every things works, or seems so, but not really.

When loading halion instrument in halion (factory fmlab patches), and then removing the indtrument, just to load another instrument in same slot, nothing happens, even if i click the plus sign several times, nothing works, and trying to load another fmlab instrument/ patch in another slot inside halion 7, nothing happens.
The only thing i can do, is to unload whole halion 7 from cubase instrument slot, then load halion 7 again, but then halion is crashing plus cubase is crashing too.
The only solution is to, restart the pc and run cubase from scratch, which works fine.
These problems persist , but only occur when using fmlab, every thing else in halion 7 works fine.

Another weird thing, is , sometimes, when browsing patches in fmlab, a big browser windows appears, which offcourse is normal, but when going back to fmlab osc, and trying to open another patch from the fmlab page,patch list, when loading a fmlab patch, a small browser window appears but the big browser windue is inaccessible.
I apologize for my limited halion 7 knowledge , i need some time to get comfortable with the new halion 7.
If i do something wrong, when browsing, i dont know, i really have to get use to the new gui, but halion 7 should not crash.

I am using windows 10.
cubase element 12 (should i update my cubase elememt 12?).

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I think we talked about the stability issues in the other crash topic, right?
Regarding the browser, are you always starting to browse from the same button/menu?

yes is do.