Halion 7 sound audition

Any way to make Halion 7 load sound automatically? ex when i’m scrolling through the sounds with the down arrow have them load so I can audition with out having to hit down arrow and return each time. That is a big time waster.

Is this within Cubase? If it is, you can load a program via the top control (via mediabay) and it lets you cursor up/down in real-time via the results list on the right:

You can also map a MIDI controller to the preset next/prev in Cubase.

Not sure if you can do it standalone or in other DAWs though, and it is a pain - there should be an option for it really. Arturia is great for this, but IK Sampletank is another one where you have to cursor down and then press cursor to the side to load presets.

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This could be solved if Steinberg adopts NKS for its instruments and libs and adapts accordingly its mediabay.
Huge decision and work, quite political, but others as Arturia are taking this path.

Actually, even with this huge effort from Steinberg, out of Cubase, this would only work if you use a Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol keyboard. (Hello Arturia Keylab mk3??)