HALion 7 vs MODX+

I currently use HALion 7 and enjoy the depth of the sound design. I was also interested in purchasing a new MODX+. Would this be to redundant? Are the differences worth the purchase?

I have a MODX, so obviously I got the trial for HALion 7 the moment it became available.
In the end I didn’t buy HALion 7.
It’s great to have the MODX FM-X engine as a soft-synth, but there’s a lot missing (of what makes a Montage/MODX great), and the way they ported the GUI from the MODX to the software world is not ideal, IMO.
Some of my views here:

and here:

Plus, with the MODX you have the AWM2 engine as well, which is very powerful and quickly accessible. Of course there are “more powerful” VI romplers, but nothing beats the accessibility of haveing those into a keyboard. And AWM2 is an extremely powerful synth engine in its own right.

I might get Absolute when a deal shows up, as I’m quite interested in Groove Agent and Backbone (and HALion, but not interested to the degree of paying full price for it when I already have a MODX), so I might end up with HALion in the end. I’ll probably just use FM Lab most of the time, in that case.

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