Halion 7 Zone envelopes go out of sync with Mono Envelope

I’m hoping that I’m missing something here:

I’m finding it impossible to get multiple envelopes to sync together in Halion 7. Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Using the new Shaper Envelopes, I use the user envelope of a zone and sync it to half a bar with a simple half-note slope upward.
  • Then I add a mono envelope to the layer and sync it to a full measure with another slope upward.

If I hold a note, these envelopes drift out of sync pretty quickly. “Beat + Retrigger” works better than “Tempo + Retrigger” but still drifts. I also tried using an LFO set to the same length as the zone envelope and that goes out of a sync as well.

The only thing that works is to put the Mono Envelope in “loop” mode instead of “shaper” and define the loop to be the proper length.

Looking through the version history, there were some sync issues resolved back in Halion 6, so perhaps there’s been a regression?

Anyone else have sync problems?

Hello mesayre,
I found something but I’m not quite sure if this is the same issue you described here. Can you perhaps provide a HALion 7 preset and/or a project file with your favourite host, that shows the behaviour you experienced?
Thanks a lot for your help and best regards
Gerrit Junge