Halion - Activation Code (trial)


I would like to purchase Halion 6 with the current promotion but I thought I’d trial first, since I believe the download is the same and I can activate the full version at any time post payment however I have not received a trial activation code.

It might not be a big problem because I’ve always wanted HALion anyway but is there a problem with the email service (I have received all other emails including password resets for both the forum and shop, as well as the promotional email but not the trial activation)?

Thank you for any assistance.

Do you already have a MySteinberg account? Try using the same email as that.


Yes, both the forum and mysteinberg use the same email.

I have passwords for both but I never received an activation for HALion 6 trial, which means I cannot download the files either.

I’m wondering if due to the fact of the sale (I will say very good value moving from Sampletank) that the trial is rendered unavailable.

No, you’re still supposed to be able to download the trial. A lot of people were able to download it.

Just for reference, which email provider do you use? If you’re using gmail and it’s not in the promotions or spam folder, you’ll probably have to contact support or try another email provider.

Thanks for replying.

As I just stated, I received four emails already, one for the original promotion, one to change mysteinberg password, one to change forum password and one to change the shop password so I don’t see how it could be my email provider.

The trial doesn’t appear to be coming from the shop subdomain of steinberg.net so I’m really not sure what the problem is.