HALion Alternatives?

Hi- Newbie here,

I’ve been using Cubase at my School for about 4 years but have recently picked up LE5 with an Asio iO2 for my home pc.

I’d like to start using MIDI on it, but when looking at the Steinberg Soundsets etc (such as Hypersonic or HALionOne which I’m used to), they’re about £200-300. Is there a cheap/basic ‘Student’ or ‘Essentials’ version of Halion or similar available with some decent sounds on it?

Otherwise, are there any others (Like Roland’s Virtual Sound Cavas, altho that isn’t great) that aren’t made by Steinberg (Sorry Admin!) but would still work with Cubase?

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How much does is cost to upgrade to Cubase 5?
It comes with HalionOne.
Might be worth it.

More than £200 unfortunately.

Seems like a pretty good deal to me. What is your budget?

Significantly less than that, unfortunately. If I had the cash to do it, I would, but there must be a softsynth out there for less than that. Roland’s VSC is £70 but it’s almost 10 years old, maybe more.

There’s lots of free and unfree VSTi’s floating around the web- a good place to start is http://www.kvraudio.com

Errr… I thought you got the Halion VSTi with LE5???


There are some devices called “sound workstation” available as free.

Just some tipps:

  1. Yellow Tools Independence free (2GB of free instruments, actionally some fantastic drumset)
  2. NI Kontakt 4 or 7 free (500GB of free instruments)

These workstations are not only sampleplayer. You can also adapt some effects, change the sound or mix some instruments.


As far as I can see, you don’t. If I’m wrong about that, then further info would be gratefully appreciated.

ALSTUDIOS- Thanks very much, I’m trying those now.

Thanks to all for replies, it is much appreciated. I bought a MIDI keyboard for a very good price as a Christmas Present which my parents have paid for, but without a softsynth it’s no use at all, as Microsoft GM Softsynth SW Wavetable or whatever it’s called doesn’t work!

Update: I have found that there is indeed a halionone.dll file, but have no ideas how to make it useable in Cubase :confused:

You need to find the folder that Cubase is installed in and make sure that it .dll file is installed into the VST Synths subfolder- on my PC it’s c:program files/steinberg/Cubase/VST/Synths.

Then you may need to refresh yor preferences- if you can still search on the old Cubase.net forum there’s a few posts there that detail how to do this.

Far as the old forum goes for now here is how you seach it: