Halion and Dorico

Hello Daniel

Does Dorico contains the complete version of " The Grand 3 and HALion Symphonic Orchestra" ?

If not :
Why I cannot see Dorico in the product I own ?
Is there is a special price to upgrade to the full version ?



Dorico does contain a complete version of HALion Symphonic Orchestra, yes, but it does not contain The Grand, nor does it contain any sounds from The Grand.

Yeah, Dorico comes with the full version of Halion Symphonic Orchestra but nothing from The Grand 3.
The piano sounds in Dorico are played by Halion Sonic SE, which comes with sounds from the older Yamaha Motif keyboards. The pianos from The Grand 3 are far more realistic.

Note that the full version of Halion Sonic comes with a far more recent soundset that’s mostly different from HS SE.