Halion and Groove Agent license issue

I purchased Cubase 13 Pro and also installed Halion and Groove Agent and assumed that they are licensed together with Cubase.
But when I open Halion it says there is no license.
What should I do?
Do I need to contact support or purchase additional license for Halion and GA?

Cubase 13 Pro comes with Halion Sonic 7 and Groove Agent SE, which is different to the full products Halion 7 and Groove Agent 5.


You can either uninstall them and install the bundled releases, or buy the licenses for the full products.

If you choose to buy full licences, buy the Absolute collection - a little cheaper than 2 separate licences. And maybe hold out for the summer sales.

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I figured that they are included with Cubase so I installed them and now when I open Halion Sonic it claims I don’t have a license.
Maybe I’ll try to reinstall them. Not sure what’s the problem.

This sounds to me as if you still have Halion 7 installed and it tries to open the full version.

Just in case, did you also install “Halion Sonic 7 Collection” on your machine? There is a small naming difference in the package from Cubase 13 and the one that needs a license.

Halion Sonic Selection       Free with Cubase (see my screenshot)
Halion Sonic 7 Collection    Needs a license, not free

I would try to uninstall the packages that require a license as a first step and then reinstall the included packages.

You might be right. In any case I will fully uninstall Halion, make sure there are no leftovers and then re-install using your suggestion.