HAlion and Groove Agent presets missing - Cubase 10 Elements

I use Cubase 10 Elements. Soon I switched from Windos 7 to Windows 10. I use USB-eLicenser.

I used “Steinberg download assistant” to download everything updated. The new version is 10.0.40
The content in HAlion Sonic SE and Groove Agent missing when I create new Instrument track and try to assign a preset.

After uninstalling and installing again all - the problem STILL EXIST.

In “Steinberg Library Manager” I have:
HAlion Sonic Factory Content - TAB

HAlion Sonic SE Artist

Groove Agent - TAB

The problem is solved ! ! !

Thanks for Martin Jirsak !

The main problem was to “Run as Administrator” in Windows 10 - which I didn’t done before.