HALion and HALion Sonic updated but not HSSE

HALion and HALion Sonic updated but not HSSE with the latest 6.3/3.3 updater.
Is that what to expect?
Anyone else with this “issue”?

No panic … I just noticed, but HSSE can wait until Cubase 10.5.

Yes, I noticed there is something weird going on here as well. In the end, I uninstalled the standalone “HALion Sonic SE 3 free” and then downloaded and installed it again from here.

HA! I’m impressed! Great find! It even works! :sunglasses: :laughing:
I kind of gave up on that one and was prepared to wait it out but now we’re up and running again.
We’re using HSSE as a kind of least common denominator IYKWIMAITYD over here, me (pro) and a buddy (artist), sending projects back and forth.
Nothing crucial maybe but you know, better updated than sorry … or something.

Thanx a lot! :sunglasses:

Same here, very useful if you want to collaborate, even with people who used DAWs other than Cubase.

HSSE is Cubase, right, only but HALion Sonic would be a great common sound library until mixdown?
Not today maybe but if we’re lucky there is a future after all …

“HALion Sonic SE 3 free” is usable both standalone and in any DAW that can host VSTis, and if you have HALion 6 you can create your own custom sound sets and give them to others to work with, using only “HALion Sonic SE 3 free”.

Yeah, I know about HALion, but there still is only 24 hours in a day haha! Some day … :sunglasses: :laughing:
But HSSE free I didn’t know about. That’s kinda cool. Like Kontakt frrrrr … that other brand I will not talk about on this site.