HALion and HALion Sonic updates released

Steinberg released new maintenance updates for its HALion and HALion Sonic VST instruments.

Both updates, HALion 4.5.4 and HALion Sonic 1.6.3, resolve an issue with opening and loading HALion/HALion Sonic projects in Cubase 7.

Please view the version history on the download page for more information.



thanks for that.

I was very excited to see this update, only to find out it fixes one, single issue that I heard no one experience anyways. My bug from the introduction of 4.5.3 has still not been looked at.



the halion 454 patch doesnt work here on halion 4.01
the process starts normally then stops and indicates
Error code 1603

any idea or more details needed ?


I dont know if this applies to Halion too, but Halion Sonic sometimes needs the DVD 1 to complete the installation (see Halion sonic update).

Did you tried with Halion 4 disc inserted?

Another possibility is a corrupted download. Did you tried to download again?

Thanks for suggestions. Interestingly bĂȘta 4.5 installed without any problem on 4.01. New download of the last patch and same error onto 4.5 :-
I look for the CD and tell you

Hi I am getting missing sample errors since the update with many sounds, ie: Brass Section XXL patch in Halion 4.5.4.
I am Using Cubase 7.03 64 bit, Windows 7 Ultimate and my elc version is

Please help, i have a paying studio client next to me watching me trowel forums for answers, highly embarrassing.
This has only started happening today. Do i need any Halion Sonic updates? I never use Halion Sonic, just Halion 4 if that helps.