HALion and HALion Sonic updates released

Steinberg released new maintenance updates for its HALion and HALion Sonic VST instruments.

Both updates, HALion 4.5.4 and HALion Sonic 1.6.3, resolve an issue with opening and loading HALion/HALion Sonic projects in Cubase 7.

Please view the version history on the download page for more information.



Do know where I can download the trial version of Halion Sonic? I have purchased the trial activation upgrade to full version, but I cannot find the download of the trial so I can activate it. I have Cubase 7 that I purchased the upgrade from Cubase 4 as a download.
I would appreciate any help you can give…

I have a question:

Which version of Halion Sonic is the one that is already included in Cubase 7?
Is it Halion Sonic ? Or is it Halion Sonic SE? And what’s the difference between the two?


I don’t know about Cubase 7. But I can see that u have Cubase 6.5 so u should have Halion Sonic SE and also trial version of Halion Sonic. You can try out.

The main difference are SE has very limited tones or instruments and you cannot edit internal effects, cannot layer patches. On the other side Halion sonic has more variety sound, maybe 700-1000 sounds more and better quality. And you can also edit the patches, it’s effects, layers with different sounds etc. however you cannot import samples like you can do with Halion4.

I used the trial version 60 days and immediately purchased full license. Mainly because I got some good brass sounds which I needed for a jazz project.

Below is the link I composed and used 80% of Halion sonic sounds.




According to the info on the web:

It is important that the update is installed in the following order:
01.HALion Sonic 1.5 Content Update
02.HALion Sonic 1.6.3 Plug-in Update

But how do I do that? HALion Sonic 1.5 Content Update · 32/64-bit · 1,22 GB is an MSP-file, what ever that is. How do I install the content update first? (I get an error message on some of the sounds, content not found).

BTW, the Steinberg pages are in Japanese (even though I’ve selected English a hundred times), so it is almost impossible to make any sense of the info.

Please advice.

Even I’m not able to update. Getting errors.

I’ve somehow lost the Sonic SE or Sonic whatever I had with Cubase 7. The thing is it’s still there, but has gone into hiding. I’ve done my best computer detecting and I have found no clues where the elusive Sonic(?) may be.

I thought by downloading the latest Cubase7 upgrade I might lure this instrument out into the open, but it remains stubbornly hidden within the nether world that is my computer.

This was the last message I received from my poor Sonic.

Application ‘HALion Sonic 1.x M6’ has caused the following error:

eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application.


  • For troubleshooting information click .
  • Click to view available licenses.
  • Connect a valid eLicenser and click .
  • Click to abort.

The HALion Sonic needs a separate own license.
Only the HALion Sonic SE is part of Cubase 7 and can be used without an additional license.
So maybe you are mixing up things?



Well part of the mix up is the confusing “Sonic”, “Sonic Lite”, “0 Calorie Sonic”, “Sonic with REAL Lemon!” names that are given to these instruments. I am sure one of these products was purchased with my “Cubase 7 The Real Deal” purchase.

How can I find it?
Can you send me the license?
Is the license part of the Cubase License?
Does it even have a license?
Am I wasting my time? :open_mouth:

Can you please revert to me as we’ll as others, who are not able to update our Halion sonic latest version?

I followed the order mentioned in the website, but it gives some error as the update cannot be installed.

Hi there,

There several topics in this forum related to the Updates.
The HALion Sonic 1.5 Content Patch CAN ONLY BE INSTALLED if you have a very outdated version, (pre 1.5 DVD)
If the Installer reports, that it can not be installed, than skip it and install the latest 1.6.x Update.

I know sometimes it it hard to read a full text message…so I have enlarged the important parts for you…


If you do not want to use the full HALion Sonic or do not want to purchase a license…
just remove it from your system and the HALion Sonic content…

And here is another important information (I enlarge it;-)):

Do not remove the HALion Sonic SE and its Content…this is the Plug-In that comes with Cubase 7 the real deal.

So guys…take care and have fun…and do not take my enlargements too serious…



Thanks Marcus for a prompt reply. That means my update installed is fine.

I have an issue and it looks like it could be resolved on this page…
I have cubase 7 and I cant find the Halion Sonic SE Plugin in my VSTs list ??? it first said : Missing Plugin" and now the plugin DOES NOT even appear on the list.
It is on the folders list on my Mac HDD but I cant see or open it on a cubase project ??? where has it gone? and how do I get it???

Please help. :question:

This is for the Halion Sonic SE plugin that came with Cubase 7 full version.

Hi! Just bought Halion Sonic 2 UPDATE version but not downloaded it yet. (it’s been a happy surprise for me)

Could you please tell me if I can install this without Halion Sonic 1 installed first, Because I changed computers and did not install HS 1 as I also have Halion 4 and to be honest I don’t want to install it in vain if it is not required at all.

In other words, can Halion Sonic UPDATE version be installed fresh?

Would be very glad to learn ASAP because I’m considering to take the risk and directly install Halion Sonic UPDATE tonite without HS 1 installed first.

Thanks in advance…

Hi there,

no you will have to install HALion Sonic 1 first and then the Udate to HALion Sonic 2.




I’m afraid it’s too late for the reply Marcus, I had installed it directly already and started trying (but not activated yet!)
However, everything seemed working OK, I mean how can I understand something(s) wrong, missing or not. I see sound sets, I can use them, nothing to complain. (haven’t tried all the sounds actually, just a few from general sounds, and many sounds from one of the new instruments)

Note! I have Halion 4 installed, maybe that compensates for Halion 1 installation???

Do you still think I should uninstall it, then install Halion Sonic 1 first then the update? (Please say NO:)) The only thing that bugs my mind is, if I activate it then some trouble shows up, maybe I will not be able to install Halion Sonic 1 first again and stuck with a big license problem - as Halion Sonic is said to replace Halion Sonic 1 license.)