HALion and MediaBay migration

HALion and MediaBay migration

I recently changed computers never an easy thing when you have terabytes of samples stored in my case locally on the new and old computer, native-instruments seem to have have a system by simply moving the PL list and then re-scanning via their native access. Let’s Kontakt synchronise its library pretty quickly.

Couple of the issues I’m having media bay where I actually stole my own preset and HALion

It seems media bay references kontkat instruments so after using native access and re synchronising your library even your media bay presets for kontakt load fine

Unfortunately, media HALion this is not the case, in fact the only way I could find to resolve this issue was to open every single media bay VST preset let HALIon search and find it samples and then manually reserve each one.

The next problem is HALion own database of presets also need to be loaded individually searched and reserved.

Is there anything that can be done by Steinberg to make this process simpler?

Maybe some kind of batch resave ???

You use the Steinberg Library Tool, I believe. Although, personally, I keep my Cubase Projects on one storage drive and all my samples on another (I’m up to 3 and 8 Tb drives respectively). Then I just put these into the new build and make sure they have the same drive letters. I then clone my OS drive to a new and bigger drive and fire it up and everything generally works out fine, and I’m up and going.
But try using the Library Tool when you need to move, locate, and register libraries. Then the Media Bay should find your presets, IINM.
Also, just check the NI forum. The latest version of Native Access is not working smoothest for a lot of people, so count yourself lucky if it is for you.
Good luck!

Thanks for the info, I believe the library tool only works on factory libraries but that would be a way for Steinberg to fix this if they could use the library tool for personal libraries unless I’m wrong.

I’ve created some vstsound files. They don’t show in the Library Manager, but after double-clicking the files, the LM registers them and they do show up in HALion, as User.

Yes I also have all my user Library showing on HALion , but not in Library manager ?