Halion and trill playback

Do I need to use the expression map to get a trill playback or is it automatically triggered by just putting the trill symbol in? I have a hs trill that doesn’t even play the note back. In play mode it says spiccato in the techniques line. How to I fix this?

IIRC Trills have not yet been implemented in Dorico.

That’s correct. It’s apparently pretty complicated to program.

It is indeed. Unlike other keyswitches, this has to take the context into account. How would it know whether a semitone or whole tone to is required? The good news is that we’re starting to take a look at that now.

Thank goodness - I have been having to notate trills as tremolos for proper playback. I am very much looking forward to the trill playback capability.

Thanks for all the responses.