Halion Arpeggiator - odd sounds/behaviour


I am using a Halion sound that has an arpeggiator. The behaviour is;

  1. When I select the voice (“Vintage Tacky”), I can play it on my midi keyboard on from the virtual keyboard within Cubase without any problem.
  2. I record the midi, again whilst hearing it live, it sounds fine.
  3. When I play it back, it’s like the sound is doubling up with another program, or playing some weird other instrument, but I see no other midi activity or programs selected. I have no external midi instruments connected, just the instance of Halion.
  4. When I go back to Halion, if I play my midi keyboard or the virtual keyboard, it now also has that weird extra instrument playing.
  5. If I select a different program, and then back to Vintage Tacky, it seems to reset and all is fine again.

So it’s like there is a “midi out” happening from the arpeggiator, that only starts when I play back, and then “sticks” to the program, until I select a different one and then back again - and it’s fine until I play back recorded midi.

Have spent a while checking routes and cannot see what could be causing this. It happens on ALL arpeggiated programs from within Halion, not just this one. But normal sounds are all completely fine.


Could you check in the List Editor, there are no more other data in the track, just MIDI notes (in best case, only one)? Could you try to draw the MIDI Note in the Key Editor, instead of recording it? To make sure, there is the only MIDI Note, nothing more?

I get always the same sound, it doesn’t matter, if I play it from the HW keyboard, HALion virtual Keyboard, record it,…