HALion audio output routing to USB audio interface

Hi. I downloaded a demo of HALion 4 to look at as a direct replacement to my Akai S5000 hardware sampler. One thing I am trying to do is route the output of HALion to a second USB interface’s USB input. I have all of my other hardware running through my hardware mixer to the input of my primary USB audio interface. I want to have HALion audio out plugged into my mixer just like all of my other hardware. I can see that my second USB interface is connected to Cubase (VST connections menu). How do I route the audio output of HALion to the USB input of this second audio interface? I am using Cubase Artist 6.5 on Windows. Thanks

EDIT: I should also note that I’ve verified that my second audio interface is sending audio to my mixer by running the sound test in the Windows control panel.

After messing around for a couple days, I’ve figured it out. I had my audio devices routed backwards inside Cubase. I needed to route the audio output to the secondary device and the audio input to the primary device. Once I corrected this, HALion is now being routed to my mixer and everything is coming back into my primary device so that I can record the mix.