Halion automatically adjusts volume

I finally worked out how to trigger my M1 and sync with cubase.
So have started transferring songs from my M1 sequesncer to cubase and dissolving midi from my M1 and then adding new instruments to the original midi tracks to update songs etc.

BUT Something that has started to happen …
Once i am mixing my songs on their midi tracks and using Halion to assign instruments, the volume for each instrument drops to almost nothing once i stop or start again.
I have to just touch the volume in the inspector track and it immediately boosts back to its original volume that i set.
But having to do this every time i stop ( looping doesn’t work as 2nd replay the sound cuts again ) is impossible.
On Halion itself in the mix page, the volume faders go back to a lower volume visibly

Halion behaves itself on old songs, it just seems to be my new projects

Can anyone help?!

Maybe I am not understanding your problem, but did you check the tracks for e.g. MIDI Volume events?

Thanks Elektrobolt
Where do i find midi volume events?

The problem is the volume keeps cutting in Halion after i have set it higher.
Stopping and starting again resets it to a level much much lower than i mixed. All tracks do this in halion.
Everything in Halion looks like it normally does.

Midi volume events is not turned on in halion. Is that what you mean?

I wonder if it is anything to do with when i loaded the song originally from M1 sequencer?

Pick one of your MIDI Tracks and open the List Editor.

In the editor, look for rows with ‘Controller’ in the [Type] column that contains ‘CC 7’ in the [Data 1] column (they will have a comment of ‘Main Volume’ in the [Comment] column.

Thanks i will check that out

But at the end of a long day i seem to have sorted it out.
When the midi data is dissolved onto separate tracks in cubase, the beginning and end of the song has small empty boxes that appear to indicate the beginning and end of the midi tracks.
If i don’t delete them, the tracks revert back to the volume they were in the M1 as they were recorded onto cubase.
It is like a general midi on, midi off message. Maybe something to do with using an old synth bought in 1988!
Once deleted the volume stays where it is as it is mixed

Thought i would share so no-one has to take all day to work this out if it happens to them!

Ive been following your thread maybe you guys can help me
I’m new at this ….
Running Cubase 6.5 on a mac book pro
playing back a midi file all of a sudden the volume increases on all the tracks
I’ve tried just about everything including deleting all the program changes and all the CC7 Main volumes on each individual track in the list editor .
Not sure what else to delete in the editor . Now I’m thinking possibly an automation issue which I know little about ?

Any ideas for me ? appreciate the input if you have the time

On another note how about running 6.5 with Macs new operating system Yosemite ?
I’ve been reading all kinds of people having a tough time with Cubase after this free upgrade.
i know there is an new installer that recently Steinberg made available to newer versions of Cubase, but any info on how it works with older versions like my 6.5 ?
i don’t dare upgrade in fear of not being able to get my work done after the fact, It’s happened before …

Thanks for listening ….

Hi islanddoctor

As you may have guessed, i’m no techie expert!

I am still sometimes getting same problem of volume change a i was before. For me the only way apart from deleting the short boxes at the beginning and end of my imported midi which normally works…is by making the midi part not start right at the beginning. After i move it in to start even a 32/beat later, the volume stays the same on repetition.
Something seems to be triggered at the start of the midi track which returns it to a pre -programmed volume.

Not an ideal way of dealing with it though!