halion cannot find samples

I am cusing cubase 6 on a mac with halion 3.5 Mac os lion macro xeon 2.8, 8 core. The problem I have been having is that when I want to open a halion programme a dialogue comes up saying that it cannot find the samples. It then finds the samples but I have to save each programme in order for it to be remembered. I am struggling to understand how to save them as well. I have thousands of programmes. Is there a way for halionto locate all my programmes and samples in one go without having to find each one

Any help appreciated.

No! It’s a pity that there is no way Halion can remember a new path for the whole library. There is no such setting in the 'Options" page, unlike other VSTs. You dare even touch the library, make the slightest change in the folder structure (which you need to do time-to-time) and you are doomed. Ditto in Hal4. I fail to understand the talent of Steinberg behind this frustrating nonsense.

Anyway, happy Halioning. Otherwise a superb sampler.