Halion configurable window...a preview for the approach to C

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the unified configurable window in Halion 4 might provide some insight on what they may be doing in Cubase 7 (or 8)?

Check it out:


I really hope so! I would love to have the option to dock or float windows in Cubase. Doesn’t the new Wavelab 7 have docking too? Hopefully Cubase is the next Steinberg product to integrate dockable windows :slight_smile:

It certainly would seem like the right direcion to build Cubase 7’s windowing, altough I do think Cubase would need to expand on this a bit.

There was some weirdness that I sure hope they fix, though.

For example, you can float a window by dragging it out of the windowset… but the original window stays there? That doesn’t make sense.

And while it’s kind of nice that when you create a new pane or tab you get a little list of what type of window you want to put there, that doesn’t seem like it would be the common way to do things. Instead, it seems like you’d take some action that would create a window (like add a VST or VSTi) and then want to drag that window to some edge to create a pane or onto an existing pane to create a new tab. After all, I’m not going to think “I want a pane here, I wonder what I’d put it in?” Instead I’m likely to say “ok, now I have this new window that I want to keep around, where should it go?”