Halion - Cover Band Sounds 70's 80's 90's B3

I sincerely apologize if this has been asked before, but have been looking around google and here for a couple of days to find a good collection of cover band sounds from the 70’s 80’s, 90’s etc. Mainstage, synthcloud, Montage has a bunch of them all over the place. I would rather use Halion - even Halion 7 for so many reasons.

Is there anything commercially available and/or a collection of preset sounds available for Halion? Example LDX215 - 80s Cover Pack - Yamaha MODX / MODX+| Synthcloud

Or - a suggestion on how a newbie might use Montage or other VST library sounds from within Halion or import into Halion? Just don’t want to do it all from scratch if someone has put something together or has an approach I am just unaware of.