HALion Crashes Project when Loading

I have been working on this issue for about a month now.
I have found a work around, but I believe I have finally figured out what’s happening.

A while back I purchased the HALion Symphony.
Once I used a sound, the trouble started.
Every time I would try to open the project, it would crash.

OK. So here is what I believe happened:
The Symphony VST is the cause.
SOLUTION: Uninstall Symphony.
Uninstall Halion.
You MUST uninstall HALion or it will Keep crashing the Project when it tries to load.
Re-Install Halion.
I have had no problems after doing this… except that I can’t use Symphony.

I have to mention that I am using HALion SE, and I’m wondering if that matters?


Could you please attach the crash dump file, located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash dumps folder?