HALion - Cymbal Large Combi - Installing sound


I have spent a great deal of time yesterday trying to figure out how to load a basic Crash and suspended symbol sample into Dorico for PLAYBACK and why it would not come up in my search.

By default in my other sessions I have hd no issues with playback for this instrument, but in this new session, I am trying to load just a basic cymbal sound manually with no success.

This screen shot is the patch (5) that I was to load and for some reason I cannot find this when “searching” the instruments in HALion Sonic SE2 when I try and do this manually.

When I try and search for this exact same loading patch, all I get is “reverse cymbals”

Any ideas what the user error might be from my side?

Thank you so much again!!!

Funnily enough somebody was asking about crash and suspended cymbals just two days before you did, Amanda. Here’s the thread.