Halion does not see any Dorico Pro 5 libraries and no playback template

I recently just bought Dorico 5 Pro today and am having problems with installation. I have Dorico 5 Pro running normally. However, I downloaded Halion and all the sample libraries (HSSE, Iconica, and whatever). The samples were downloaded to C:/ProgramData/Steinberg/Content/VSTSounds. However, they don’t show up in Halion. I read that this is because they aren’t registered but there’s no prompt for any activation or a key of any kind through my email. Not really sure what to do here.

On Windows 11
Ryzen 7000 series
AMD Integrated Graphics

Use the Steinberg Library Manager, an external program that came as an add-on to the Dorico program, to check the location of your HALion files and verify that they are linked to the program.

Also run a Diagnostic Report from the Help menu and post the file it generates on your desktop here on the Forum.

Also try following: Go to C:/ProgramData/Steinberg/Content/
In every subfolder you can find files with the vstsound extension. In each of the subfolders double click any of the vstsound files, but just one is enough.
Because vstsounds are associated with the Steinberg Library Manager, the double click will invoke that Library Manager and register all the vstsound files of the current directory.
Once you are done with all subdirectories and start up Dorico, can it still find no sounds?

How would I verify that any of the libraries are linked? They all show up in the Library Manager, just not in Halion. No playback template even shows up as an option. I’ve attached the diagnostics below.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (323.4 KB)

I’ve tried clicking on the sounds. They say that no action was performed and that the library is already registered. Nothing is showing up on Dorico or on Halion.

Could you please unzip the attached batch file, do a double click on it and after a few seconds a VAEDiagnosticsReport.zip should get created on your desktop. Please attach that to a reply here. Thanks
CreateVAEDiagnosticsReport.zip (815 Bytes)

Weird thing happening. I extracted it and ran it both normally and as administrator. Won’t create anything even though the batch file ran normally.

I’ve simplified the script, it shall now only create a folder called VAEDiagnostics on your Desktop. Please zip that one up and send me. Thanks
CreateVAEDiagnosticsFolder.zip (514 Bytes)

Sorry. Still didn’t work. Is there something I’m missing?

Just to let others know, we will have a remote session tomorrow.