HALion download FAIL frustration grrrr

How annoying is a stalled download after SEVEN hours, with 15 minutes remaining - 2.2 GB out of 2.6 GB? Maybe Steinberg should provide download management to help us deal with interrupted downloads.

Cubase 7.5 came down okay - I guess I’ll have to try again for HALion SE2 tomorrow. :cry: :imp:

Free Download Manager, grabbed both in less than 5 minutes @ 3.5MB/sec.

Thanks for the link :0) NOT!

My first attempt was in free download manager but stalled and failed to resume after 3 hours and 1.6Gb.
If I copied the link back from d/l manager to a browser it told me this link had expired.

Was able to start again from scratch following the email link to the download page and it completed while I slept last night…but it seems a download manager is still no guarantee that it won’t stall.

Thanks for the link :0) NOT!

www.freedownloadmanger.org You’d obviously have struggled to find this yourself :wink:

…sorry about the irritable response - due to wasting a whole day :0) I still haven’t managed to download it , power cut half way through - “grrrr” again. Luis is saying not to use a download manager. I’ll keep trying.