HALion, drum editor, control length of sound - staccato

Hello, I have the Cubase 8 AI version.
I’m using the HALion Sonic SE and the GM Map to make drums.
My problem is that I want to make a bass drum and a cymbal which are staccato so the sound played from the sample
should stop after a 1/8 note. I tried to quantise and edit the length, the strength of the after sound (I have a german version so maybe I translate the functions name wrong), I tried the Key editor, I searched the forum, youtube and red several tutorials. Sometimes I think it’s not possible with the AI version but then again I can’t believe this wouldn’t be included.

Please help me I already spent a day searching and experimenting with cubase.

I try to make my problem clear - in case I’m unclear:

I want to make a drum beat with a pause between the sounds, like a bass drum and cymbal which are playing for 1/8 then a pause for 1/8 and then again bass drum and cymbal for 1/8 then pause for 1/8 and then bass drum and cymbal for 1/2.

Please help!

Hi and welcome,

This is not issue of the length of the MIDI Notes. Drum sounds are very often programmed that way, that always the whole sample is playback (even if the MIDI Note is shorter). This is the reason, why do you hear the whole sample all the time. I’m afraid, you cannot change this settings in HALion Sonic SE, which is not optimized for Drum sounds.

But you can do this in Groove Agent SE. Open the same library in Groove Agent SE. Click to the pad, which you want to change. On the right-side, select Sample tab. On the left-side bottom, there is a One Shot button. Click on it, and select Continuos. Do this for all sounds (pads), where you want to be able to affect the length of the sound by the length of the MIDI note.