Halion failing to install

I’m so frustrated with Steinberg at times,every time you start a simple task it becomes a days work. Just tried to install Halion 5 from DVD and I’m getting this

“You need at least Mac 10.6.0 to install this software”

I have 10.11.3 on a 5K 4 GHz i7 mac with 32gig ram. WTF ?

I bought the Box rather than download to minimise the old missing files problems only to get this.

Help anyone ? Thank you.

Hi there,

I am sorry for your frustration. Please excuse the inconvenience.

Here is the solution for your issue:


Thank you Matthias for your fast response.

Unfortunately I now have this to deal with -

Temporary Licenser Server Outage

Due to technical issues, our license server is currently unavailable.
Therefore, product activations and other license transactions cannot be processed.

It would have been nice to get on with the project I bought it for. Especially after waiting (many) weeks for Cubase to catchup with ElCap’.

Lucky I don’t rely too much on Steinberg as an “Only Solution”.

But anyway thanks again for your personal input.

Our licensing server was down for a couple of hours, but now the issue has been fixed and everything is up and running.

Situation resolved at last.