Halion Family Comparison

Is there a comparison chart available to determine the differences between the Halion products? I am interested more in the playback of sounds rather than creating new ones through sampling. I am running on a laptop too so CPU efficiency is a priority as well. Can anyone weigh in on this?


Halion Sonic all the way if you want a workstation type of a program without any fuss on creating your own sounds.

Thanks for the reply. Since Cubase comes with Halion SE, what are the benefits to jumping into Sonic? I would like to be able to play it stand-alone which I believe is possible in Sonic and not SE. Besides that, what are the big scores?

I don’t own sonic, but I remember it being along the lines of much more editing available, tweakibility, much more included content etc. You should look into Halion Sonic, check the screen shots, watch some videos on it etc and see if it is something you would be interested in.

Thanks, I’m grabbing the demo…didn’t realize it was a 60-day deal.

Thanks for the help.

Np, I hope you enjoy it, though I am sure you will.