Halion & Grand with C6

Are these demo versions? I installed them on my system but now when i open up cubase it says there is a license control error for those plugs. I havn’t tried to actually load the vst yet but i am curious if these are demo versions or if they just give us the cds to install for fun. Thanks.

Trial versions yes, don’t remember the time limit though, 30 days? Have you tried downloading the latest eLicence Control Center?


Also you have to activate them using the codes that come in the box.

Ok that makes sense, i never authorized but it never asked me. I suppose it will ask when i try to open each vst. Thanks guys.

Are these playable in the dreaded Pro Tools LE? I personally don’t use pro tools by my partner does and it would be nice if he could use these in his sessions. I know they are not RTAS supported but is there some kind of wrapper or rewire that will allow them to work? I did read FXpansion does not work.