Halion GUI refresh

Halion has a lot of great features but I find the GUI extremely cluttered and unintuitive.
Even though I have bought the full version I rarely use it because of that.

Please, Steinberg, bring the GUI into 2020!

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Me too.

I like the GUI flexibility (minus the few odd things you can do). I wouldn’t mind if it looked a bit more fresh like Backbone though.

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If anything, please make the GUI resizable.
(Ok, the WINDOW is resizable but all the buttons stay tiny).
All the buttons/graphics/text is super small on my retina display.

A lot of things in Cubase still seems to be made for low resolution displays, it kind of looks like a leftover from Windows 98.

I hope the overall GUI refresh continues.




I also dislike Halion’s gui, can’t stand all the tabbing around, and the program tree with it’s tiny icons.

Been using Pigments recently and it struck me that Halion has all that power and more (ok, maybe not the modulation, but the engines and effects for sure). Pigments feels way more like an instrument that you want to play and that’s down to the gui.

Would be nice if Halion had an optional “synth view”, with all the main stuff in one window, laid out clearly simply.

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Honestly I don’t mind the look of it, there’s a lot of information that it has to display efficiently and it does good at that once you learn your way around.
An option to re-size the elements and not just the windows would be nice.
Animated knobs when modulated would be very helpful also.

It could be nice when the icons can resized in steps (2x,3x,4x,…), not fully resizable when resizing the window. Also I think it’s a good idea to resize the icons in the menu and the tree independently.

There’s really nothing wrong with the sound or the functionality but the GUI = :see_no_evil:

Every time I decide to open Halion I revert to Kontakt within seconds.

Yeah, I’m one of those who owns Halion 6, but never used it because the interface is such a mess. All the tabbing around. Sometimes it’s hard to find where you are and what “page” does what. It’s just a mess. Almost like it’s not finished or something. I don’t think the onboard sounds are bad when you know how to mix the output of the sound properly. Lots of the samples are very bottom “boomy”.

PLUS the cpu usage using certain instruments is just atrocious.


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