HALion - how to connect lep-switch when play a note

Dear all,
i am new in this forum. And I ask for your assistance.
I introduce myself. I’m Luigi Panico, Italian composer and sound designer (http://figliodipan.altervista.org).
I am producing a large library for HALion, based on the emulation of an ethnic guitar.
I would like to create a section that works like this: when I press a note, an LED should light up.
I would therefore like to place the LEDs on the image of the guitar fretboard, so as to show in macro page the corresponding keys that are being played on the visual instrument.
I’ve done a lot of work but I’m stuck at this point.
Unfortunately, I don’t know the Lua language. I am studying it but the study is very long.
How can I do?
I tried to create a trigger pad. Assign a trigger pad to the keyboard and simultaneously on a note.
In the list of trigger pad parameters there is the corresponding parameter that switches from off / on when I press the trigger pad with the mouse, but does not activate (the parameter when I use the midi controller keyborad. Otherwise the problem would be solved.
By connecting the trigger pad parameter to an LED on a switch, the LED turns on and off, but only when I press the trigger. It does not work with the keyboard.
I hope you can help me.
Thank you so much.

Luigi Panico