HALion HSO not showing up in cubase

Hi Guys

i have recently updated to cubase 7 in the past 4/5 months but i now have decided to have a look at Halion Symphonic Orchestra as i am now looking for them sounds to make an emotional sounding break in a track i am doing

but it isn’t showing up in my list of plug ins on cubase i have installed it a number of times and i have also updated plug ins etc

i know where the folder with the sounds is on my computer but I’m just baffled why the instrument isn’t showing up.

this is only a demo as i would like to try it before i spend my money on it and i have already activated my license

any help would be greatly appreciated



Are you talking about the HALion Symphonic Orchestra Sound Set (i.e. the library for HALion Sonic SE, HALion Sonic, or HALion) or are you talking about the actual HSO VST instrument (i.e. the old one that came as a demo with Cubase 5)?
If it is the sound set, there are some threads in this forum (and the HALion Sonic forum) about C7.5 “hiding” the HALion series instruments libraries.
If it is the actual instrument, then maybe there is a bridging problem?