Halion in Dorico and Halion 6


EXS24 is not at all user friendly compare to Halion and Kontakt

I like very much the easiness of Halion and I was thinking to upgrade if it worth the 99 €

Is there is a list of improvement between those two versions



You can only upgrade to Halion 6 if you have the FULL version of Halion Sonic. The version that’s included with Dorico is called Halion Sonic SE, and it includes much older, almost completely different content compared to the full version. Since Halion Sonic SE and the full version of Halion Sonic 3 are so different in terms of content and editing capabilities, there’s no upgrade path.

Halion 6 can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s a very fast and easy to use plugin. You can build relatively complex, fully playable instruments using your own samples in seconds. It also includes the full version of Halion Sonic 3 and all of its content for free. I think it’s totally worth the full price.

Hello Romantique Tp,

I was ready to pay 99 € but not 349 €

Too bad :unamused:

If you like the sound of Yamaha Workstations and synths, you’ll love HALion.

I think of Sonic as a massive Rompler, with a good pallet of sounds to work from. Kind of like buying a MOTIF and pretty much ‘using what sounds comes with it’.

If you want to be able to dig into the content that comes with HALion and edit every fine detail to come up with new sounds of your own, or to build your own sounds from the ground up, using a very wide array of sampling and synthesis technologies, then HALion 6 very much worth it, particularly if you work with Steinberg hosts like Cubase, Nuendo, and Dorico.

For me personally, the big selling point over competing products in similar price ranges with similar features and content packs, is how well HALion integrates with Steinberg Hosts. It is on the bleeding edge of VST3 technology, which means you gain access to things like individual Note Expression, which other Hosts aren’t quite implementing yet, but is already working in spades in Cubase/Nuendo, and possibly someday in Dorico as well.

I work with other types of music as much as I do ‘orchestral’, so the HALion pallet of included content is well worth it for me. For someone who works mostly or exclusively with “Orchestral” instruments that are made and serviced by ‘someone else’, I’m not sure if it would be the best investment at this time as compared to specific libraries and products geared for the orchestral composer. I’d suggest trying a Demo first, and even consider going with Sonic 3 instead of HALion if you fit the latter category (a content user, as opposed to a content developer).

If interested, keep an eye out for ‘sales’. At least once a year they push everything HALion at substantial discounts.

I have Arturia V6, EXS24, VSL, QLSC, QLSO and many other
The advantage of Halion v.s. EXS 24 is the simplicity