Halion Instrument Licencing

Apologies if I’ve missed something obvious, but I’m quite new to Cubase and finding the licencing a bit confusing. I’m using Cubase Pro 12 which includes Halion 7 and, according to the Halion manual there are a number of included instruments, e.g. Auron, Trium etc. but the majority of these instruments do not appear to have any sounds associated with them, i.e. no factory presets. Is this correct, or have I missed something? If they don’t include any sounds, how do I know what to get for each instrument? I’m finding the Download Assistant confusing as well; I don’t understand what is included and what isn’t.

Hey there.
Just confirming that Cubase Pro comes with Halion Sonic not the Full version.
If you go to your Steinberg Download assistant this is where you can access all those packs to download:

If it is not automatically detected after this open the Steinberg Library manager and make sure the Library’s are enabled there.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Ontrei,

Many thanks for the very quick response; I posted it last night and then switched off, thinking that I might get a response by today, but you appear to have responded within a few minutes.

I think you’ve cleared up a couple of things for me:

  1. Halion is not the same as Halion Sonic; the latter is what I have and is a cut down version, so will not have all the presets. I’ve been reading the Halion manual, which lists instruments that Halion Sonic doesn’t, which is why I’ve been confused.

  2. The included stuff is what’s listed under the Cubase Pro 12 header and anything else is extra.

Thanks again for your valuable input.


I remember what it was like when I started cubase. Honestly if it wasn’t for this forum I probably wouldn’t still be using it.

Now I would die for the Cubase cause lol.

But happy to help anytime. Halion is a beast.
Currently the most versatile of its kind. Blows kontakt out of the water.

Any other questions feel free to shoot through a message :wave:

It was only yesterday that I realised that Halion was Steinberg’s equivalent of Kontakt; previously I thought it was an instrument. Although I can install Kontakt and Native Access, I can’t get any of the instruments to install on Windows 11.

Your comment about Halion blowing Kontakt out of the water is interesting; I suppose that the popularity of Kontakt is to do with th number of things that use it. Do you have any opinion on the quality of the samples between the two? I suppose I should also ask what sort of music and/or instruments you are doing, just for context.

I mean I have the full Native instruments and Halion 7 with absolute 6.
Overall both incredible. Halion has better stock. But a lot of people say it doesn’t but. Maybe that cause I see the things with halion you can’t you with Kontakt. Out the gate in sonic it has a built in arp with multiple different styles + user created.
Multi instrument is easier to understand. Routing etc.
And you have dedicated FX channels for each. Halion 7. That is truly outstanding. There’s a 30 day demo with all the content. That’s what ended up making me buy it.

I mean you can tell I’m. passionate. lol